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Gilmore Young Artist Award

The Gilmore Young Artist Award is presented every two years to single out the most promising of the new generation of U.S. pianists, age 22 and younger. Nominations are made by music professionals from around the world, and an anonymous selection committee evaluates the nominees over a period of time. Candidates for the Award are unaware that they are under consideration.

Each Gilmore Young Artist receives a $15,000 stipend to further their musical career and educational development, as well as a commission towards a new piano composition for which the artist will have exclusive performance rights for one year. This Award is strictly monetary and advisory, and does not involve managerial assistance from the Irving S. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival.

Since 1990, 34 pianists have been recognized as Gilmore Young Artists, with the two most recently named for 2018, Elliot Wuu and Wei Luo.

Elliot Wuu (2018)

Wei Luo (2018)

Daniel Hsu (2016)

Micah McLaurin (2016)

Llewellyn Sanchez-Werner (2014)

Andrew Hsu (2014)

George Li (2012)

Conrad Tao (2012)

Charlie Albright (2010)

Ivan Moshchuk (2010)

Adam Golka (2008)

Naomi Kudo (2008)

Natasha Paremski (2006)

Yuja Wang (2006)

Christopher Falzone (2004)

Elizabeth Schumann (2004)

Jonathan Biss (2002)

Kirill Gerstein (2002)

Andrew von Oeyen (2000)

Orion Weiss (2000)

Hsing-ay Hsu (1997)

Brenda Jones (1997)

Andrew Armstrong (1995)

Katherine K. Lee (1995)

Adam Neiman (1995)

Orli Shaham (1995)

Alex Slobodyanik (1995)

Soojin Ahn (1993)

Anders Martinson (1993)

Andrea Schneider (1993)

Wendy Chen (1990)

Brenda Huang (1990)

Peter Miyamoto (1990)

Christopher Taylor (1990)

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