Ann J. Kellogg Elementary School | Battle Creek

The Ann J. Kellogg Elementary Piano Lab is made possible by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

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In light of Covid-19 restrictions, The Gilmore is excited to offer online group piano classes and in-person classes for the students of  Ann J. Kellogg Elementary School

Virtual Piano Lab classes will meet via Google Classroom once a week starting September 21, 2020 and continue throughout the school year. Classes will be taught by the Piano Lab instructors that students are assigned to regularly at school. Schedules will be customized based on student, family, and instructor availability. 

Ann J. Kellogg Elementary School

Battle Creek

Sara Cleland: Battle Creek Piano Lab Coordinator and Instructor
Ronnie Cung: Piano Instructor

In-person classes will begin on September 21, 2020, and continue as long as Michigan stays in phase 3 or higher of the Michigan Safe Start Plan. The piano labs will follow school district policies regarding spacing, cleaning, and self-quarantining as needed. More information can be found in the Battle Creek Public Schools Reopening Plan

Through the generous support of our education sponsors, we are able to loan keyboards to families that do not currently have access to an instrument.  The Keys2Kids program is available to any student registered for the Ann J Kellogg Piano Lab, virtually or in-person.

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Questions About Education?

Please direct questions to Kathy Hernandez, Piano Lab Coordinator,  Adam Schumaker, Director of Education, or Leslie Baron, Education and Community Engagement Manager. Telephone: 269.342.1166.

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