Staff Picks: Leslie Boughton

April 11, 2016

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Leslie Boughton

As the 2016 Gilmore Keyboard Festival approaches, we ask staff members which events they most look forward to attending – because with nearly 100 concerts, films and master classes, The Gilmore staff knows better than anyone how difficult it can be to choose!

Leslie Boughton, The Gilmore’s Education Coordinator, schedules master classes and elects students from nearby schools to participate. Leslie worked with The Gilmore’s Education Director Adam Schumaker to put on the 2016 Gilmore Family Concerts tour across Southwest Michigan featuring pianist Terrence Wilson, and she’s already planning and scheduling activities for the 2016 Gilmore Piano Camp this summer. Here are Leslie’s recommendations for new Festival attendees, or anyone looking for guidance to the 2016 Festival events!

“For the first-time attendee, I would recommend a ‘piano flight’ featuring tastes of all the different sorts of events, venues, and music that make up The Gilmore Festival. I would be sure to make it to a Jazz Club event, plus an intimate noon-series concert with an artist like Elio Villafranca Trio (Cuban jazz) or the Mr. B Trio (blues and boogie-woogie).

“Make a grand evening of it with a concert at Chenery Auditorium, and be sure not to miss a recital from one of the many piano masters (Imogen Cooper, Llyr Williams, and so many more).

Some very modern music is available (Stockhausen’s Mantra and works by Philip Glass), plus Renaissance music on the clavisimbalum, or the Debussy Mini-Series featuring the Préludes interpreted classically and as jazz by Lori Sims and Jeremy Siskind.

“There are also several fascinating films and musical theater available. Since it is nearly impossible to see it all, rest assured that whatever you choose, you are sure to expand your musical horizons and be delightfully entertained.”

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