19 gift ideas for the piano enthusiast

December 18, 2014

As piano enthusiasts ourselves, we admit it: sometimes we’re hard to shop for! Have no fear, though. Our experts have compiled a list of the best gifts for the music aficionado in your life, no eccentricities spared.

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1. A Messenger Bag

From their crisp sheet music to their bounty of freshly sharpened pencils, your pianist needs a place to carry their things from one piano to the next. This small bag is so cute that you might even want to order a second one for yourself.


2. A Tie

Name a better way to show your support for your friend than getting them a snazzy new piece of attire to wear during their next performance. Go ahead, we’ll wait.


3. A Desk Caddy

Your friend will be hard pressed to “miss the memo” ever again with this piano desk caddy. Better yet, it comes with note cards that read, “Just a little note.” Pianos and puns go well together, even if wordplay isn’t your forte.


4. A Piano Bench Cushion

Protect your friend’s backside during their hours of faithful practicing! This piano bench cushion will give them the support they need while showing your support for their talent.


5. A Music Note Door Hanger

Get your friend a place to hang up their metaphorical hat at the end of a long day with a music note door hanger. Not only is it practical, but it’s also the perfect height to keep their coattails from dragging on the ground.


6. Slate Coasters

No one likes those nasty water stains left by glasses on their tables (and they like them even less when they’re left on their expensive pianos!) These coasters protect both their furniture and your friendship.


7. A Cheese Board

Nothing says ‘fancy party’ better than a cheese board and nothing says ‘fancy piano party’ better than a piano-shaped one. It even comes with a corkscrew for opening a perfectly-paired bottle of wine for while you sit down and watch our 20-21 Virtual Concert Season together.


8. A USB Drive

Help your friend remember exactly where they put that piece they downloaded with a 16 or 32 gigabyte flash drive in the shape of their favorite instrument. 


9. A Shower Curtain

Some people sing in the shower, but perhaps – inspired by a keyboard shower curtain – you could become a composer in the shower. A clever way to maximize this decorative potential is to create a keyboard of towels: Buy two bath-sized white towels for the ivories, then place two black hand towels over the bath towels to create the illusion of yet another piano in the bathroom.


10. Oven Mitts

Your friend’s hands are one of their most precious assets. Show them you care by keeping them safe when they are taking things out of a hot oven!


11. A Cutting Board

Here’s a popular one: a chopping board featuring a bored Chopin. As we’re all hopefully aware, it’s pronounced “show-pan,” not “choppin’,” but who could say no to this gem of a pun brought to life as a kitchen utensil?


12. A Music Book Page Holder

If you’re not there to hold your musical friend’s book open, get them a clip to do the job! No more cracking book spines open for them.


13. A Dog Collar

Do dogs enjoy classical music? Actually, they prefer it to talk radio or pop music, according to actual research that tested focus and relaxation levels in dogs listening to music. So let their dog’s refined taste shine with a collar showered in piano keys, a simple way to show their neighbors and dog park friends that their pup shares their interest in classical music.


14. A Nightlight

Light their way back from a late night of practicing with this holographic night light. It even changes color!


15. A Blanket

Get them something that will cover their lap during a long night cozied up listening to their favorite album. Fond memories of you not included, but guaranteed.


16. A Challenging Game

Want to test their musical knowledge? Why not get them a Rubik-style cube that requires them to match together musical dictations!


17. A Witty T-Shirt

Piano players have a different sense of humor and are sometimes too shy to express it. These t-shirts are sure to solve that problem.


18. A Gilmore T-shirt

Speaking of t-shirts – why not grace them with a Gilmore one? We offer our shirts in a variety of sizes fitting both women and men.

19. A Gift Certificate

What more could a pianist want than to see a real maestro at the helm? Give The Gilmore by purchasing a gift certificate, redeemable at all Gilmore events!

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