Gilmore Patrons step up their Live Stream Experience

November 2, 2020

Susan Thoms presenting streaming
Featured in the Fall 2020 Key of G Newsletter

Susan and David Thoms have become enthusiastic supporters of The Gilmore’s live stream performances – especially since Gilmore Director Pierre van der Westhuizen showed them how to “cast” the concerts onto their big-screen TV.

“We watched Gilmore performances all summer, huddled around our little laptop,” said Mrs. Thoms. “It was okay – anything was better than nothing after all! – and we did enjoy the performances by Igor Levit very much.” The couple are long-time patrons of The Gilmore and have been attending concerts for years.

They may have continued watching on a small screen had she not asked Dr. van der Westhuizen if it were possible to add speakers to the laptop to improve the sound. It was then she first learned about casting – or sending video content from a laptop or phone to a TV.

“Pierre offered to help us cast Gilmore live streams and it turned out all we needed was a single cable. Our TV and Bose sound system connected instantly,” she explained. “The first concert we watched was Mackenzie Melemed and it was almost like being there.”

Mrs. Thoms urges anyone watching the performances on a laptop, or who might be hesitant about live stream concerts, to ask The Gilmore for help. “We are grateful that The Gilmore is on top of the latest technology and presenting live performances when so little is available. People should really give this a try!”

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