A "Bridge" Between Artists

January 17, 2017

portraits of Schiff and Rabinovich

Roman Rabinovich’s Personal Connection to Sir András Schiff

Winner of the 12th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition, Roman Rabinovich has been praised by The New York Times for his “uncommon sensitivity and feeling,” but perhaps even more prestigious is that he is considered a protégé of master pianist Sir András Schiff. Schiff, who is recognized as one of the most significant pianists living today, selected Rabinovich in 2014 to perform in his “Building Bridges” series, a program developed to present promising young pianists in recitals in New York and several European venues.
Roman Rabinovich

“Wanting to express and to communicate is instilled into all artistic creation, wanting to capture that essence, is an artist’s as well as a performer’s goal” — Rabinovich

Rabinovich, who has always been an admirer of Sir András Schiff, calling his mastery a “perfect balance of mind, hands and heart,” first played for the virtuoso during a Carnegie Hall master class. Rabinovich describes the event as a “pivotal point” in his artistic development. “Meeting with this great artist brought a new direction in my own development, and since then, I was privileged to continue working with him in Europe, enjoying his invaluable advice and his profound knowledge of music and art in general.” According to Rabinovich, Sir András Schiff “epitomizes the pinnacle of artistic integrity; he is a shining example for all musicians.”
Sir András Schiff

“Above all, music is play. I hear the human being behind it; you can’t deny yourself. The human and the personal are vital in music.” — Sir András Schiff

The “Building Bridges” series was a triumphant success for Rabinovich, who received critical acclaim from The New York Times and a continued friendship with Sir András Schiff. “Roman is a very talented, young pianist, highly intelligent, quick-minded and genuinely original,” Schiff says, “He deserves to be heard, and I hope to be able to help him.”
Sir András Schiff and Roman Rabinovich
In addition to his musicianship, Rabinovich is also a talented visual artist. Featured above is a portrait of Schiff (left) and a self-portrait (right). More of Rabinovich’s artwork can be viewed on his website at www.romanrabinovich.net.
Both artists will make appearances this season at The Gilmore. Roman Rabinovich will perform as part of The Gilmore’s Rising Stars Series Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 4 PM at the Wellspring Theater in downtown Kalamazoo, and Sir András Schiff will perform as part of The Gilmore’s Piano Masters Series Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 8 PM at Chenery Auditorium—just two days after his recital at Carnegie Hall.

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