Highlighting Women of The 2024 Festival

February 2, 2024

The 2024 Gilmore Festival will celebrate the innovative artistry and enduring influence of women in classical and jazz music. From Hiromi’s genre-defying performances to Gabriela Montero’s genius at improvisation, and from Ingrid Fliter’s romantic interpretations to the collaborative magic of the Labèque Duo, the Festival is proud to spotlight a lineup of female artists who not only perform but also inspire, teach, and transcend musical boundaries.

Hiromi & PUBLIQuartet: Fusion Innovators
The electrifying jazz pianist Hiromi teams up with PUBLIQuartet for a performance that defies genre boundaries. This collaboration highlights Hiromi’s cutting-edge approach to music, blending jazz, classical, and more into a unique musical experience. Her dynamic presence and innovative compositions set the stage for a festival that celebrates musical exploration. Hiromi event details.

Gabriela Montero: Master of Improvisation
Gabriela Montero showcases her extraordinary talent for improvisation and composition in “Westward,” a program that weaves together classical music with real-time creativity. Montero’s ability to interpret classical repertoire and spontaneously compose is unmatched, offering a window into the fusion of tradition and innovation. Beyond her performance, Montero serves as an artist-teacher, nurturing the next generation of musicians through the Festival Fellows Program. Gabriela Montero event details.

Ingrid Fliter: The Romantic Interpreter
Described as “born to play Chopin” by the Daily Telegraph, Ingrid Fliter’s dedication to Chopin’s works brings a romantic fervor to the festival. Her performance, featuring Chopin’s Nocturne in B Major and Piano Sonata No. 3, alongside Schumann’s Symphonic Etudes, promises an evening of profound emotion and exquisite musicality. Fliter’s masterclass ffers an intimate glimpse into her approach to these romantic compositions. Ingrid Fliter event details.

The Labèque Duo: Katia and Marielle Labèque
Renowned piano duo Katia and Marielle Labèque are celebrated for their impeccable coordination and expressive depth. Their repertoire for the festival includes works by Debussy, Ravel, and Philip Glass, showcasing their versatility and passion for both classical and contemporary music. The Labèque sisters’ performance will be a testament to the power of collaboration and musical dialogue. Labèque Duo event details.

Maria João Pires: A Classical Odyssey
Maria João Pires, a legend in the classical music world, brings her deep musical insight and sublime interpretative skills to The Gilmore. Her participation adds a layer of classical heritage and sophistication to the festival, inviting audiences to experience the depth of her artistry. Maria Joao Pires event details.

Eliane Elias: Grammy Award-Winning Fusion of Jazz and Brazilian Rhythms
Eliane Elias offers an evening that blends South American roots and sultry voice with pianistic mastery. Her concert is a reflection of her broad musical influences and her prowess as a pianist and singer. Elias’s Grammy-winning talent ensures a performance that is both diverse and captivating. Elaine Elias event details.

Showcasing the Future: Kasey Shao & Harmony Zhu
The festival warmly introduces Kasey Shao and Harmony Zhu, the 2024 Gilmore Young Artists, highlighting the festival’s commitment to fostering emerging talent. Their performances, rich in youthful vigor and fresh interpretations, symbolize the bright future of classical music. GYA event details.

Yuja Wang: The Virtuosic Trailblazer
Yuja Wang, returning to where her journey as a Gilmore Young Artist began, graces the festival with her exceptional artistry and technical prowess. Known for her captivating performances, Wang’s recital is a highlight, featuring a repertoire that showcases her versatility and emotive depth. Her global acclaim, reflected in performances with leading orchestras worldwide, resonates in her solo recital, promising an evening of sublime piano music that blends power, elegance, and passion. Yuja Wang event details.

Olga Kern: The Classical Luminary
Making her long-anticipated debut, Olga Kern brings a blend of virtuosity and depth that has defined her illustrious career. As the first woman in over three decades to win the Gold Medal at the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, Kern’s performance is a much-awaited event. Her mastery of the classical repertoire, combined with her charismatic stage presence, ensures a concert experience that is both powerful and deeply moving. Olga Kern event details.

A Theatrical Finale: Patti LuPone
Patti LuPone closes the festival with her one-woman show, “Patti LuPone: A Life in Notes,” bringing Broadway’s storytelling power to the world of music festivals. Her performance promises a fittingly dramatic and powerful end to the 2024 Gilmore Piano Festival. Patti LuPone event details.

Join us in experiencing the artistry, creativity, and brilliance of these remarkable women at the 2024 Irving S. Gilmore International Piano Festival, where every note played contributes to the ongoing story of musical excellence and innovation.

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