The Gilmore Book Club – Every Note Played, Discussion #2

June 23, 2021

June Book Club Discussion #2 - Every Note Played by Lisa Genova

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On Wednesday, June 30 at 7 PM ET, we will meet virtually to discuss Chapters 17 – End of Lisa Genova’s Every Note Played. Participants have been emailed a link to the Google Meet. Below you will find the questions we will be discussing at this time.

  1. At the clinic, the practitioners use the term care, “and Richard doesn’t openly object but care is not provided every three months when he comes for his appointment.” (p. 51). Does Richard’s opinion regarding the “care” at the clinic change as the book progresses? How does Richard eventually care for Grace? For Karina?
  2. Describe Richard’s relationship with his brothers. Were you surprised by Tommy’s apology? How does Tommy’s apology and the ensuing conversation unlock a new way for Richard to see his brothers?
  3. Dr. George suggests that Richard consider leaving “legacy messages”, recorded before he loses his speech entirely. How does confronting death shape the way that we examine life and interact with those around us?
  4. How does the way Richard and Karina interact with music change throughout the book? How does losing the ability to perform allow Richard to view music in a different way than he did before?
  5. This is very much a story about the unrelenting, progressive paralysis of Richard’s body, but in what ways were Richard and Karina emotionally paralyzed?  Lisa Genova begins the book with a quote by the poet Rumi: “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?”. Why do you think she included this quote?

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