Speaking with Rising Star Alexander Malofeev

October 8, 2022

Our 2022-23 Rising Star Series continues Sunday, October 9, with a performance by Alexander Malofeev at 4 PM ET in the Wellspring Theater. Malofeev recently shared some insights into his life as a musician. We hope you learn a little more about him before his Gilmore debut!

Who travels with you?
I’ve been traveling alone for several years now. My mother used to travel with me, but since the pandemic it has become very difficult, primarily because of the volume of required documents. But I don’t really have any issues with loneliness. It takes me quite a lot of time alone with myself to find inspiration and new ideas. I’m an introvert in this sense.

What are you working on musically right now?
Right now I’m working on Weinberg’s monumental 4th Sonata. I like to include in any of my programs a work unfamiliar to listeners. Next season I plan to go a little into the baroque repertoire. I’ve played Russian music quite a lot, it’s what I grew up on and what I love, and now I’m trying to look at different repertoire through the prism of my experience. That’s also why I’m going to play two Beethoven sonatas in Kalamazoo. It seems to me that their sense of anxiety is very close to the Russian tradition in general and specifically to Medtner’s Sonata from the second part of the concert

Is there something you enjoy when you are not practicing, playing, or traveling?
I’ve been watching stand-up comedy quite a lot lately, it helps to relax. But usually if I’m reading or doing sports (which is very rare) there’s music in my headphones. It’s hard to forget about music when it’s been the main part of my life since I was 5 years old.

If you had any advice for young pianists who want to change their passion into a career, what would it be?
As most musicians can only dream of going on stage, you must think twice, but if you still want to be a professional musician, it seems to me that the most important thing is sincerity. The technical approach can be one thing,  but only if the listener empathizes with you will the concert be considered successful.


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