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Redesigned grand piano sounds “clearer, more powerful”

A Hungarian pianist named Gergely Bogányi created a new piano that redesigned nearly all 18,000 facets of the typical grand piano in an attempt to create the “more beautiful, harmonious, flowing sound” he thinks pianos ought to have.

Photo courtesy of Boganyi Piano

The piano, called the Bogányi Piano after its creator, was unveiled in Budapest on Jan. 20. Finding a replacement for wood makes the instrument temperature resistant, and two curved legs reflect the sound and increase the piano’s resonance. Its website uses the slogan “sound over time,” reflecting the 100-year history of the unchanged grand piano as well as the 10-year process of creating their new version.

“The focus of the revolutionary Bogányi piano is on the clearest, boldest, premium quality sound possible,” the website’s description of the piano reads. “We have created a unique composite soundboard, within a traditional yet modified iron and wood piano frame.”

The sound is said to be clearer and more powerful. The strings are suspended to reduce resistance.

“We opened up the cast iron frame… so that the sound can come through more easily,” said Attila Bolega, chief constructor of the instrument. “This part of a traditional piano is much more closed in.”

The piano will eventually be sold for $250,000.

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