19 gift ideas for the piano enthusiast

December 18, 2014

We’ve compiled a list of great gifts for the piano aficionado in your life, no eccentricities spared.

1. Briefcase

From your sheet music to your planner to your iPod filled with Leif Ove Andsnes’ latest Beethoven concertos, this briefcase keeps the important stuff zipped up tight. It’s a smaller version of the typical leather case, allowing you to show your passion for music to everyone you meet during the workday.
Piano Briefcase

2. Playable tie

Boring meeting? Quiet moment in the office? Tap a tune out on your new piano tie! Think of it as a shrunken version of the floor piano from the classic scene in “Big.” Take care not to exasperate your coworkers.
Playable Tie

3. Business card holder

Who wouldn’t want to get in touch with the businessperson carrying a piano filled with business cards? The “velvet-like” interior protects the integrity of your card, lest you fret about such things.
Piano Business Card Holder

4. Desk caddy

You’d be hard pressed to “miss the memo” ever again with this piano desk caddy. Better yet, it comes with note cards that read, “Just a little note.” Pianos and puns go so well together, even if wordplay isn’t your forte.
Piano Desk Caddy

5. Piano toilet seat

It seems like home decorators will go to great lengths to depict a cohesive theme in each room of the house. We didn’t have to look very hard to find a cohesive piano-themed bathroom set for the pianist who never rests, even in the restroom. For some reason, this included a toilet seat fashioned to look like a baby grand piano. What’s more, this seat is painted by genuine piano builders, “using the same techniques and materials used on pianos to create a professional, high quality finish.”
Toilet seat

6. Music note flush handle

Nobody could forget to flush with a handle made out of a sixteenth note.
Note flush handle

7. Candles

There are plenty of candles you could add to your home to show off your penchant for the piano. You could select pillar-shaped candles, candles wrapped in sheet music, or candles made to look like keyboards. These decorative candles could give off an authentic, romantic glow from the top of your piano or the center piece at your table.
Music pillar candle

8. Shower curtain

Some people sing in the shower, but perhaps – inspired by a keyboard shower curtain – you could become a composer in the shower. A clever way to maximize this decorative potential is to create a keyboard of towels: Buy two bath-sized white towels for the ivories, then place two black hand towels over the bath towels to create the illusion of yet another piano in the bathroom.
Piano shower curtain

9. Keyboard toilet paper

Leave no part of the bathroom untouched by the influence of the piano with this charming addition. The pianist in your life could find inspiration anywhere, so give the toilet a chance, it being a simple and necessary place. This must be one of the most entertaining gifts to give and receive.
Keyboard toilet paper

10. Frog lamp

And a middle-of-the-night trip to the bathroom could be made easier with this nightlight: a frog, sitting upon a lilypad piano bench, playing the piano.
Frog piano lamp

11. Sink strainer

Dishes are boring, and clogged sinks are a problem. The musical-themed kitchen sink strainer helps solve both issues. It would make a great gift from a piano student to a teacher, or any music lover with a kitchen sink.
Sink Strainer

12. Chopin bored chopping board

Here’s a popular one: a chopping board featuring a bored Chopin. As we’re all hopefully aware, it’s pronounced “show-pan,” not “choppin’,” but who could say no to this gem of a pun brought to life as a kitchen utensil?
Chopin Bored

13. Oven gloves

The kitchen is a place for puns about famous composers. Sometimes it can get hot – so grab an oven mitt to continue pursuing a symphony of flavor.
Handel gloves

14. Leash

Do dogs enjoy classical music? Actually, they prefer it to talk radio or pop music, according to actual research that tested focus and relaxation levels in dogs listening to music. So let your dog’s refined taste shine with a leash embroidered in piano keys, a simple way to show your neighbors and dog park friends that your pup shares your interest in classical music.
Dog leash

15. Dog shirt

You saw this trend coming from a mile away, and you swore you’d never buy your tiny-sized dog any clothing. But there’s no way you can resist it anymore; this shirt was made for your dog. And since it showcases puppy love for the piano, it’s a great buy!
Dog shirt 2

16. Electronic piano gloves

Who says you need a piano to practice your keyboard skills? Well, most esteemed pianists probably learned in a more traditional way, but these gloves are a spiffy alternative. Practice anywhere with these keyboard-simulating gloves and accompanying speaker. Change octaves by flipping your hand over, and use one of the 20 built-in rhythms to really agitate your parents this holiday season.
Piano Gloves

17. Witty t-shirts

Piano students have a different sense of humor. But some piano students are too shy to express it. These t-shirts are sure to solve that problem, with slogans across the board from “Stop! You’re under a rest” to “That’s a sharp, not a hashtag” and the classic line that’s become abundantly cringe-worthy, “I’ll be Bach.”
Piano Shirt

18. Stress reliever

After a long day on the bench, piano students are bound to feel it in their fingers. Give the gift of stress relief, and let them take out their frustrations on the instrument that brought the pain about in the first place.
Stress reliever

19. Gift Certificates

What more could a pianist want than to see a real maestro at the helm? Give The Gilmore by purchasing a gift certificate, redeemable at all Gilmore events!

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