The Gilmore

WFMT Radio Series Programs

Produced by The WFMT Radio Network in Chicago in collaboration with The Gilmore, this 13-part radio series was recorded at the 2016 Gilmore Keyboard Festival, featuring Jeremy Denk, Richard Goode, Susan Graham, and Kirill Gerstein to name a few.

The series includes exclusive interviews with artists, audience members, and Gilmore staff to provide a glimpse into the artists' approach to their craft and the inner-workings of the biennial Gilmore Keyboard Festival.

This series was released on September 29, 2016, but may be broadcast at any time before September 28, 2018. It airs in West Michigan on WMUK 102.1 and on Blue Lake Radio, WBLV 90.3.

This program is hosted by Joan Kjaer and produced by Don Lee with executive producer Steve Robinson and recording engineers Michael Schweppe, Doug Decker, Bryan Heany and Jean-Yves Munch.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 1

Featuring Ingrid Fliter, Richard Goode, Llŷr Williams, and the Morgenstern Trio.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 2

Featuring Susan Graham, Ingrid Fliter, and Till Fellner.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 3

Featuring Jeremy Denk, Corina Marti, Ingrid Fliter, Kirill Gerstein, Marc Damoulakis, and Duncan Patton.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 4

Featuring Dejan Lazic, Daniel Hsu, and Anderson & Roe Piano Duo.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 5

Featuring Lori Sims, Jeremy Siskind, Susan Graham, and Ingrid Fliter.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 6

Featuring Till Fellner, Lori Sims, Yura Lee, Anton Dressler, Ingrid Fliter, and Kirill Gerstein with the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 7

Featuring the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo, Anton Dressler, Ingrid Fliter, and Daniel Hsu.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 8

Featuring Sullivan Fortner, Dejan Lazic, Yura Lee, and Kirill Gerstein.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 9

Featuring Imogen Cooper and Llŷr Williams.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 10

Featuring Anton Dressler, Ingrid Fliter, Sarah Shafer, the Morgenstern Trio, the Emily Bear Trio, and Jeremy Denk.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 11

Featuring Llŷr Williams, Till Fellner, Richard Goode, and Imogen Cooper.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 12

Featuring Micah McLaurin, Jeremy Denk, Lisa Moore, and Dejan Lazic.

WFMT Radio Series – Program 13

Featuring Rafał Blechacz with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, Michel Legrand, and the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra.