The Gilmore

Robert Glasper

Blue note recording artist Robert Glasper is a pianist whose vision spans the gap between hip-hop and jazz. He has made waves throughout the music world as leader of both the acoustic Robert Glasper Trio and the electric, hip-hop-oriented Robert Glasper Experiment.

With his third Blue Note album, Double-Booked, the 32-year-old Houston native puts his enviable versatility front and center, emphasizing these different hemispheres of his musical brain at the same time.

Career-wise, this creates a constant balancing act, and on occasion literally being double-booked, appearing with the Trio and the Experiment on the same night. Such is the storyline that emerges on Double-Booked. The result, in essence, is a snapshot of Glasper’s life. Glasper states, “It’s not like I play jazz, but I also play hip-hop now and then. I’m in it, for real, both sides of the spectrum. That’s my life. A lot of people go in stages – they might focus on trio for a long time, then they change or whatever. My thing is both, all the time.”

Glasper will conduct a Master Class on Friday, May 4, at 9:30 AM at the Dalton Center Multimedia Room on the campus of Western Michigan University.

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